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The ObamaCare Diaries

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXXVI: “ObamaCare deserves to be repealed b/c the manner in which it was passed is not how our republic is supposed to operate. In this country, we don’t ram through major legislation the people clearly don’t want using parliamentary maneuvers. They work for us, not the other way around.” (Noozhawk)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXXV: “ObamaCare deserves to be repealed b/c It is a destructive, expensive, unaffordable and poorly thought through law that is making the current problems we have worse, will degrade the level of care and will hurt job creation and economic growth.” (Noozhawk)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXXIV: “Yes, the House moved forward to repeal the Health Care Law, but the time has come for the GOP to roll up their sleeves and get creative to find ways to repeal, defund, and delay imposition of the government health care scheme that is in its first stages of implementation.” (Big Government)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXXIII: There’s no doubt that our health care system needs common-sense reforms, but Obamacare is not the answer. Americans made that clear on November 2, and we intend to listen. Republicans want to repeal Obamacare not so we can pat ourselves on the back for sticking to our principles, but b/c it is the right thing for our economy, both now and later. (Daily Caller)


The ObamaCare Diaries XXXXII “”Obamacare has become ground zero in the fight for America’s future.” And that’s the spirit in which the task of killing Obamcare must be approached.” – Dr. Milton Wolf (1/19/11)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXXI: “Unless repealed, this law exacerbates the spiraling cost of health care, explodes our deficit and debt, and will forever alter the relationship between the government and the American people. I look forward to voting for the repeal of this law and continuing to advance fiscally responsible, patient-centered reforms.” – Rep Paul Ryan

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXX: Economic consequences of ObamaCare: An estimated 650,000 jobs lost, health care law when fully implemented will cost $2.6 trillion, and $701 billion will add to the deficit in the first 10 years. (Human Events)

ObamaCare Diaries XXXIX: “ObamaCare is full of dirty tricks, tricks defined here as burying in vague language in the abusive, several thousand page Obamacare legislation socially repulsive policies that the public overwhelmingly opposed and that Congress denied it was adopting. Like the end of life death panel consultations.” (American Spectator)

ObamaCare Diaries XXXVIII: Yes, repealing ObamaCare is top priority, but the GOP must be prepared to offer a replacement bill. It should be one that includes a provision that allows patients to buy insurance across state lines, includes tort reform to curb sky-high malpractice costs, and AHAs (associated health plans) so businesses can buy more cost effective health care. (Fox News, 1/5/11)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXVII: “For the first time in our nation’s history, the government will order citizens to spend our private money on a private product – health insurance – and will penalize us if we refuse.” (Washington Examiner)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXVI: So, it was never about healthcare? “Millions of Americans everyday are being exposed to the monstrosity that is Obamacare, President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, which has nothing to do with health care reform, but rather more power, control and money for the federal government.” (Habledash)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXV: “ObamaCare … is short, memorable, and nonjudgmental. It has a nice parallelism with Medicare, a very popular program with similar goals, and correctly identifies the president who pushed it through Congress. And, even as one who opposed Obama’s election and the passage of this act, the term “ObamaCare” doesn’t conjure up negative imagery.” (The Atlantic, 12/21)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXIV: “At its core, this dispute is not simply about regulating the business of insurance – or crafting a scheme of universal health insurance coverage – it’s about an individual’s right to choose to participate.” — U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXIII “As reported by Roll Call on December 3, even Democratic Senator and ObamaCare supporter Chuck Schumer (NY) believes that when voters went to the polls in November “voters did say ‘repeal health care/'”

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXII: “Nancy Pelosi said that we wouldn’t know what was in ObamaCare until it was passed. It’s been passed, and we’ve been finding out exactly what a nightmare it really is.” (Examiner)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXXI: According to the CBO, President Obama’s proposed budget for 2011 will add $10 trillion in debt over the next decade. By 2020, the federal government will owe $20 trillion, or $170,000 per American household. And that’s not even counting underfunded obligations from Medicare and Social Security.

The ObamaCare Diaries XXX: “Taxpayers don’t want their money wasted” on ObamaCare Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “And it is a scandal that an Obama insider is involved in … these misleading ads. (Pittsburgh Live, 12/10)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXIX “ObamaCare seems to have become a modern-day hydra — like the mythological creature that grew new heads every time one was cut off. But the opposition efforts can play the same game. The battles have only begun, and the states are on the front lines.” (Galen Institute)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXVIII “ObamaCare is backwards. A fundamental precept of ObamaCare is that by controlling health insurance costs, healthcare costs can be better controlled. This is patently and (more important) demonstrably untrue. It’s healthcare costs that drive health insurance costs, writes InsureBlog.”

The ObamaCare Diaries XXVII IsraelCare? “Thomas Sowell’s recent commentary manages to take a slap at ObamaCare while promoting Israel as a model for airport security. Why not also look to Israel for insight on the issue of health care coverage? Its single-payer system provides universal coverage at less than 9% of GDP compared with 17.8% in the U.S.” (Daily News)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXVI “So is universal access to health insurance is worth it then? Again according to the CBO, Obama Care will leave 21 million uninsured in 10 years. But don’t worry, it’s not as though there will be any problems in 10 years, when your health care is more than twice as expensive and 21 million are still uninsured.” (Emory Wheel)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXVII IsraelCare? “Thomas Sowell’s recent commentary manages to take a slap at ObamaCare while promoting Israel as a model for airport security. Why not also look to Israel for insight on the issue of health care coverage? Its single-payer system provides universal coverage at less than 9% of GDP compared with 17.8% in the U.S.” (Daily News)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXVI “Insurance is based on the broad base of money coming in from the currently healthy people to help pay for those in need. The larger the base the more money would be available for the sick members. This is the concept of actuary mathematics, and is used by our current insurance companies today.” – NY Citizen supporting ObamaCare (DemocratHerald)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXV “An Arizona man was denied a liver transplant because of AHCCCS cuts. Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) has blamed it on ObamaCare. I’m not completely sold on ObamaCare, but I know it has got to be better than what we have here in Arizona, namely “Nobodycare.” – Concerned Citizen (The Arizona Republic)

The ObamaCare Diaries XXIV “It definitely proves that this is a job-killer. When you put the power in the hands of the administration and the bureaucracy to decide who is going to obey the law and who isn’t going to obey the law, you’ve vitiated the purpose of the entire law in the first place. … What they’ve done here is admitted that they cannot create jobs with this. They know that this is a job-killer.”

The ObamaCare Diaries XXIII “Are the Republicans serious about limited government, a founding principle of this country? If yes, they have a perfect opportunity to demonstrate their commitment by abolishing the monstrosity known as ObamaCare. But how should they do this?”

The ObamaCare Diaries XXII “ObamaCare is a train wreck of a law. We cannot rely on the courts to reverse it. The only hope for sensible policy, both for fiscal and physical health, is repeal.” – concerned American citizen

The ObamaCare Diaries XXI “Are they hearing us? What matters is what the individual Congressmen believe and how he or she will vote on the crucial issues facing America. Will they push repeal of ObamaCare in whole and at every opportunity?” (Townhall)

The ObamaCare Diaries XX “If all of Obamacare cannot be immediately repealed, then it is my intention to begin repealing it piece by piece, blocking funding for its implementation and blocking the issuance of the regulations necessary to implement it.” – Eric Cantor (Times Albany Union, 11/9/10)

The ObamaCare Diaries XIX “Beyond repealing ‘ObamaCare,’ we’re going to do everything we can to stop this bill from being implemented, to make sure it never happens. And, frankly, if we’re successful, this will become the number one issue in the presidential election in 2012,” – House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) (Fox News)

The ObamaCare Diaries XVIII “Heath insurance premiums are increasing because of soaring prices for medical services, the impact of younger and healthier people dropping their insurance during the weak economy, and additional benefits required under the new law, it’s a basic law of economics that additional benefits incur additional costs.” – Karen Ignagni, president of the American Health Insurance Plans

The ObamaCare Diaries XVII “Savings don’t come from reductions in the cost within the health care system. The new health law will actually drive insurance premiums higher. Instead, “savings” are solely attributable to the taxpayer-funded subsidies. Obamacare won’t make insurance any cheaper—someone else will just be picking up part of the tab” (Heritage)

The ObamaCare Diaries XVI It’s your healthcare America, vote. “Remember, ObamaCare, the day House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA) and her band of merry Marxists pole vaulted over the wall to cram the over 2,000 pages of health care down the throats of the American people against our will.” (Human Events)

The ObamaCare Diaries XV: “Republicans must do more to advance a reform alternative to ObamaCare, but no one should mistake the implications of Tuesday’s vote. Whatever the results, the public is telling Congress to repeal and replace this bill before it does any more damage.” (WSJ)

The ObamaCare Diaries XIV “We have no choice when it comes to ObamaCare.To protect consumers, it doesn’t allow insurance companies to offer plans in the exchanges that fail to meet basic, minimum standards of coverage, like covering doctor visits and hospital care.” (NY Post)

The ObamaCare Diaries XIII: Beginning in 2011, FSAs can no longer be used for over-the-counter drugs unless those drugs are mandated by a doctor. Realistically, who will make an appointment and pay a $20 copay to get a prescription for a cold medication that costs $7? The restrictions on FSAs will hit middle-wage earners and those w/ chronic conditions the hardest.

The ObamaCare Diaries XII: One of our concerns about the healthcare law is this: If people have to purchase government-sanctioned insurance policies, then the door is opened for all kinds of corruption. Insurance companies will be competing through donations and bribery to add features to the minimally qualified policies to increase the premiums.

The ObamaCare Diaries XI: Pretty soon, insurance premiums are going to be the new rent. Can we put ObamaCare on layaway?

The ObamaCare Diaries X: “The whole law is bad policy. But even if one agrees with the policy, one can still recognize that the legislation itself was badly executed. The way for conservatives to drive Obamacare’s negatives even higher than they already are is by repeatedly reinforcing the theme that Obamacare is the product of three “I” words: ideology, ignorance, and incompetence.” (The Heritage Foundation)

The ObamaCare Diaries IX: Money going in, Money going out. It’s more complicated when it comes to healthcare and the long run cost. Agree?

The ObamaCare Diaries VIII: ObamaCare: Side effects include headache, delayed treatment, zero choice, sky rocketing choices, and premature death.

The ObamaCare Diaries VII: “The American people don’t like the policies being implemented by Obama and his team, and they have made their opposition — not just frustration — clear. Americans were opposed to ObamaCare, yet Obama, Pelosi & Reid pushed it through anyway. Now, Democrats are running from ObamaCare as if it were the plague. Americans are opposed to bigger govt., yet Obama keeps giving us more.” (GOP USA)

The ObamaCare Diaries VI: “Whatever happened to the history of limited powers of the federal government? Nancy Pelosi and her ilk scoff at traditionalists and believe that the federal government can do whatever it likes.”

The ObamaCare Diaries V: “We’re headed for a future like Minority Report: you are being limited or fined in advance because of your potential to become sick.”

The ObamaCare Diaries IV: “The truth is that this White House has spent plenty of time pleading their case. But the facts don’t lie. More Americans oppose than favor Obamacare. And more people than not believe that the stimulus has failed. If the policies are flawed and largely unpopular, no amount of clarification can help.” (Fox News, 10-15)

The ObamaCare Diaries III: “The way to fix that is to put more money behind the law, to expedite its implementation, and, who knows, maybe even to add a public option. But that’s an argument for strengthening health care reform–not repealing it.” (Kaiser Family News & TNR)

The ObamaCare Diaries II: “Another Obamacare promise was that if you like your current health care insurance, you can keep it. This is a false claim. Reports are surfacing daily about employers opting to pay fines rather than continuing to provide health insurance to employees.”

The ObamaCare Diaries I: “In this healthcare law, the individual is being tyrannized by the group. Group demands for more from the federal government and are conspiring the resources and freedoms of people who want to direct their own lives and their own health.”

  1. When I was a young Grad Student, my professor told the class some interesting information about health care delivery. He said: “There are two questions one must ask when proposing a health care program: Where is the money coming from to run your program? What is the demographics of the population to be served?” Until those two questions can be comprehensively answered, all health care programs will fail! To date, these two questions have not be answered regarding “ObamaCare”!

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