Your ObamaCare Watchdog

Comics: January 2011

January 2011

Kathleen's Favorite Things!

Obamaville Government knows best!

Obamawonka's Top Obamaloompa

Obamaville Classic. Up now is Speaker John Boehner.

We'd rather have HillaryCare, OHNO!


What the TARP?!


Dear Barry O!

Inside will be a prize! Perhaps, an ObamaCare Waiver!

Just another day at the Obamaville House

Snooki Tax


KFC Bucket Left

We got a waiver, because ObamaCare puts children first!

Free Colonoscopy Exams under ObamaCare

Even Ted Williams can't get an ObamaCare waiver!

Obamanopoly: America's favorite board game!

What's a Constitution?

Glozell appreciates ObamaCare! Do you?

Chuck Norris doesn't WANT ObamaCare! Roundhouse kick to the O!

Meet Obamaville's new Sheriff

Obamaville downsizes


Obamaville ObamaContraception Deal

Life with Harry

The walk of shame


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