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Each week we feature several political cartoons about a place we don’t even want to visit: Obamaville.

Take a peek below and you’ll see why.

Got art?  Send us your comic or drawing and if we  agree that it fits our theme, we’ll post yours on our site.

APRIL 2011

Kagan : Lovitz :: Ke$ha : Travolta

Obamaville Che Guevara

Obamaburger, Obamaburger

Mediscare 2

Obamaville Social Compact

Obamaville Metaphor

The Great Obamaville Compromise

Don't show me the money!


Future Voter Fraud

Like Kobe, Not Mike

We burned so many calories last night!

Preventative Dental Care

  1. Does anyone really think the Republicans will repeal any of this nonsense? They really did a good job repealing the “New Deal”, the “Great Society” and the rest of this marxist/fascist nonsense.

    • DEPENDS ON TUES 11-2

    • They will now that the GOP has the house majority again. Hopefully the dems’ pink wings will be clipped

    • Your to ignorant to what the truth is. And I really feel sorry for you and all the Democrats who think everyone owes them respect. Your to ignorant to know that you Democrats are the Marxist’s . Did you get an education?

      • Maxine,
        Where did you get your education? Even though I probably agree with you politically, you have several errors in your writing. You should have written: You’re too ignorant… And you repeated that mistake in the second sentence. Marxists as you use it is just plural and should not have the apostrophe, indicating possession.

      • What specifically about Marxism do you disagree with? Stop using the term as a bludgeon to mask your ignorance. And yes, we got an education, one that included grammar instruction. Apparently your “education” did not encompass this.

    • the Republican nor the Democrats won’t but “We the people” can, we must take back our country

  2. That was HILARIOUS!



  3. funny, best laugh in a long time…

  4. In the picture depicting the Obamacare standard issue kit for MD’s, One major item was left out. The oversized Proctoscope with stainless steel rigid entry screw, manufactured by a company with silent partner Barney Frank.

  5. 35 years in the Health Care Biz and this is not a joke! lol

  6. God help us all! Here comes the governmant to “help” us. Do people know that once the government owns your health, they own your body and every action that you partake in? Morning calestenics on state run tv anyone?

  7. Obama has incited such fear in so many weak people. Make money, stop bitching, we’ll have a white president again soon so you can feel like a real American once more. Such scared little people.

    • Stop Erica. No one gives a rat’s rectum what Obama’s race is. My hatred of him has nothing to do with his race. Nothing.

      • I apologize. I guess that I should have directed my reply to John Denver. Hey John, you better top off that fuel tank.

  8. First off, where was the conservative umbrage at TSA during the Bush years? Stop acting like you all of a sudden care about civil liberties just because it is politically expedient for Republicans to do so. Second, you’re images of sick people, ascribing their plight to “Obamacare” is simply disingenuous. Because of corporatized health insurance, sick people are routinely turned away at primary care facilities. Expanded healthcare does not implicate any real constitutional issues. Where was your worry over civil rights during the signing of the Patriot Act? You are all liars and ignorant children. You do America no service by lying to advance your infantile fear and conservative worldview.

  9. Ha ha ha!!!!! I wake up to only click on this ! Love it!

  10. @Octavius – My ‘umbrage’ was demonstrated by my chosing not to fly any more. The TSA is a joke, forced upon us by the PC-minded in an effort so as to appear as if there wasn’t any ‘profiling’ occurring. In fact, the end result has been to ‘reverse-profile’ the flying public.
    As far as the ‘Patriot Act’ that President Bush enacted, the goal was to monitor any Conus-Overseas telecommunications in an effort to locate terrorists. Mr. Obama not only requested that it continue, but he expanded it to also include the monitoring and permanent recording of all stateside digital communication. This includes any VOIP communications, all Internet activity, CHAT rooms, Bulletin Boards, etc., ad nauseum. If you don’t believe me, check it out.

    Have a nice day.

    This message has been recorded by our friendly Homeland Security. We hope you have a pleasant evening.

  11. […] About|Comics|Contact|Documents|ObamaCare Diaries|ObamaCare Lies| […]

  12. Fits his arrogancy perfectly. I am really sick of people trying to play the race card when someone disagrees with Obama’s government. We still do have free speech. Some do anyway.

  13. Are You Kidding Me..You Right Wingers Are DEAD WRONG as usual..You Racist Morons are Jealous that Obama Got It Right Just like LBJ and Kennedy and FDR HA HA HA..What’s Good for the Corporation’s is wrong..I Liked Ike..thats when Republicans we’re Republicans..

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