Your ObamaCare Watchdog

ObamaCare Lies, Vol. 5

111 “waives” to know your plan isn’t working

Claim: ObamaCare increases efficiency and equitableness in health care coverage, especially for working people.

Fact: ObamaCare is anything but equitable. Its heavy-handed and suffocating regulations on companies that provide health insurance to its employees is so bad that the Department of Health and Human Services already has granted 111 waivers (and counting) exempting companies and other organizations from the law’s new provisions. That’s up from 33 in less than a month! Imagine how bad it will be when other companies find out they can apply for a waiver, too. (See video from Fox News Channel’sCashin’ In)

Claim: Who cares about fat cat corporations? ObamaCare is designed to help people who can’t afford medical coverage.

Fact: Be careful for which you wish. The irony about ObamaCare is that many of the businesses seeking the waivers, such as fast food companies, are those that employ the people ObamaCare supposedly will help – the young, students, people working in their first jobs or people taking a second job. These companies provide insurance but ObamaCare now has made it prohibitive for them to continue it, thus the waivers. That’s an astounding admission.

Claim: ObamaCare must be good for working people. The unions support it!

Fact: It’s not only corporations seeking waivers from ObamaCare’s onerous regulations – 15 unions so far have requested and received them as well! That includes locals and others associated with Barack Obama’s biggest campaign backer – the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). (See the entire list of 111 companies and unions getting ObamaCare waivers

Claim: ObamaCare is transparent.

Fact: Sure, just like the announcement by the Department of Health and Human Services on the 111 waivers from ObamaCare it has granted to corporations and unions. No press release was issued, the announcement came on a Friday, and it was buried on HHS’s Web site – it takes six clicks to find it. Why is the Obama administration so quiet about all the waivers it is granting those dreaded corporations and neglected unions? (See video from Fox News Channel’s Cashin’ In)

Claim: ObamaCare is good for consumers because it allows them to hold insurance companies accountable on their charges.

Fact: It’s not only companies and unions seeking waivers. Now Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine and South Carolina are seeking waivers of another kind. ObamaCare supposedly helps consumers by allowing them to get rebates from the difference their insurance companies spend on “too little” actual medical costs and “too much” administrative costs. Never mind the government telling a business how to run itself, but state regulators have written that “enforcing profit limits” by 2011 would “disrupt” the Florida’s insurance market. (Source: St. Petersburg Times)

Claim: ObamaCare forces transparency on insurance companies.

Fact: Do as I say, not as I do. ObamaCare forces insurance companies to report spending and premiums. Small group and individual plans must spend 80 percent of its revenues on medical coverage and large group plans (50 or more) must spend 85 percent on medical care. (Source: St. Petersburg Times) Does the federal government match that standard in Medicare or Medicaid? No! In fact, Medicare fraud now is larger in Florida than the illegal drug trade. Transparency? The Department of Health and Human Services won’t even post a news release on organizations seeking waivers from ObamaCare. (See New York Times’ Tara Parker-Pope’s Health blog.)

Claim: Critics say ObamaCare is one-size-fit-all government, but granting HHS power to provide waivers provides flexibility and proves critics wrong.

Fact: Waivers allow unelected government bureaucrats and political appointees to play favorites – or even bully the private sector. The power to exempt some companies but not others leads to cronyism and political paybacks and “gangster government.” The best way to provide flexibility in health care is to free up the market from government regulation, not more government. With increased competition, consumers will have more choices to fit their needs – not government’s needs. (See Michael Barone in theWashington Examiner.)

Claim: Government must be a watchdog on the health industry and ObamaCare provides for that.

Fact: The increasing amount of waivers is an admission that the private sector was right and the administration wrong when employers said they couldn’t afford and manage its employees’ health care coverage under ObamaCare’s new mandates. The waivers also are an admission that ObamaCare is a job killer. Companies that employ minimum wage and young workers, as well as unions, make up most waiver recipients proving the law does not help make getting coverage easier and that it’s expense will lead to more layoffs in an already bad economy.



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