Your ObamaCare Watchdog

ObamaCare Lies, Vol. 4

The “Let their words do the talking” edition.

Claim: There are no death panels in ObamaCare! That’s just another crazy right-wing scare tactic.

Fact: Yes, there are! But don’t take our word for it. Listen to one of the leading liberal proponents of ObamaCare, left-winger Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize winning economist. On November 14, on ABC News’ This Week, he said, “Medicare is going to have to decide what it’s going to pay for . . . it’s going to have to decide which medical procedures are not effective at all and should not be paid for at all. In other words . . . the panel that was part of the health care reform. … Some years down the pike we’re going to get the real solution . . . a combination of death panels and sales taxes. …” See the video here!

Claim: There are no death panels in ObamaCare! That’s just another crazy right-wing scare tactic.

Fact: It can’t be a right-wing scare tactic when proud liberals agree: New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize winning liberal economist Paul Krugman says there are death panels! In fact, he wants the government debt commission to “embrace” them! We don’t agree with Mr. Krugman on much, but at least he is honest enough to say what the Obama administration and its apologists won’t. See the video here!

Claim: “Death Panels” in ObamaCare are the imagination of right-wing extremists.

Fact: The nation’s leading liberal economist, Paul Krugman, a New York Times columnist, Ivy League professor and a Nobel Prize winner, someone looked to by liberal politicians and policy makers, repeatedly has said that there are death panels! He said so last week and in the spring he said “death panels” “will make binding judgments and  . . . will save (the government) quite a lot of money.” See the video here!

Claim: ObamaCare does not fund abortion. The president even signed an executive order banning federal funds from use in abortions.

Fact: ObamaCare does fund abortion! An executive order does not carry the weight of law and he knows it. It was cover for Democrats who live in pro-life districts after their amendment banning federal funding for abortion was stripped out of the bill. Executive orders only pertain to the administration of the executive branch and cannot amend laws. Only Congress can amend laws with the president’s signature. (Source: National Right To Life.)

Claim: The president signed an executive order banning abortion funding from ObamaCare.

Fact: The executive order is meaningless. Even Planned Parenthood called it a “symbolic gesture” because it knows it does not carry the force of law. Planned Parenthood would not have celebrated ObamaCare if it thought the president was undermining the abortion funding provisions from which it will financially benefit at taxpayer expense. ( See PP’s own statement here at

Claim: There is nothing in ObamaCare that mentions abortion funding.

Fact: That’s part of the insidiousness of the law – it doesn’t say it directly, but sets up every state to cover abortion with tax money through government-run high-risk insurance pools. It says elective abortions are not covered, but does not define “elective” deferring to state laws. Already, Pennsylvania and Maryland are in the process of creating these pools with $160 million and $85 million, respectively, of your tax dollars, which will pay for abortions under their loose definitions of necessary abortions. (See page 14 of the law and The New American.)

Claim: There’s no proof states are paying for abortions through ObamaCare.

Fact: Why take our word for it? Here is a quote from the Maryland Health Insurance Plan: “The MHIP Federal Plan offers the same benefit package as other MHIP plan options,” and all five MHIP plans cover abortion. The loophole banning taxpayer funding of abortion is so large, the pretend restrictions were unnecessary. (Source:

Claim: Even if abortion is covered in Obamacare, it won’t apply to many women.

Fact: Oh yeah? The law requires the coverage of pre-existing conditions (including pregnancy) and people who earn up to 400 percent of the poverty line are eligible to enter state high-risk taxpayer-funded insurance pools. That’s no small number. (

Claim: ObamaCare is good for the healthcare industry, will create jobs and provide coverage for more Americans than every before.

Fact: The Great Pumpkin has a better chance of appearing than that happening. The Association of American Medical Colleges reports that a previously projected shortfall of physicians of 39,600 by 2015, now will rise to a shortfall of 63,000 and grow worse by 2025. Although ObamaCare advocates say this is not true, by its own projections, it will cover 32 million newly insured people with another 36 million entering Medicare. To pay for these people, the government-run insurance programs will cut payments to doctors, driving more out of the profession. (Source: Reuters.)

Claim: No matter what you say about the lack of primary care physicians, ObamaCare provides for enough specialists.

Fact: Wrong again. The Association of American Medical Colleges projected a shortage of 33,100 physicians in specialties such as cardiology, oncology and emergency medicine in 2015. In addition, the respected Rand Corporation and Institute of Medicine also project doctor shortages. (SourceReuters.)


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  2. […] you to “Bill H. of MO” for reposting our ObamaCare lies to counteract U.S. News’ Scott Galupo’s “Why Obama’s Wrong on Entitlement […]

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