Your ObamaCare Watchdog


Using the universal coined phrase for information, “411,” this blog bills itself as containing everything ObamaCare-related, meaning all news related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may be be included. The user-friendly news format includes three primary columns that will feature the latest news, news as it relates to affected groups (families, doctors, workers, etc.), and a politics watch. We hope to help contribute to the ongoing national discussion of this crucial topic and, most importantly, to help educate the public to the real costs of the legislation.

We want to hear from you. If you have news tips, story ideas or suggestions, please contact us at

  1. My family of 2 teenage daughters and 2 adults lost our really, really good BC/BS of GA as of May 1, 2010, due to this Obamacare B.S.! Now we are TOTALLY un-insured, pre-existing conditions, 53% raise in premiums, and working folks we can’t get medicaid! Now we must pay cash if we get ill(office visits vary from $35 to $100+,or go to the hospital ER, like the illegal immigrants! But, we can’t get the outrageous priced prescriptions filled we must have. Preventive care is now un-available!!! I am so furious with this Jackass Obama , I could spit blood…. can’t do that, Obama the vampire has done sucked must of it away from my vital organs, I may die and that’s a whole ‘nother trip to the Dr.!
    TY for your time. Mrs. K. Long, Cedartown Georgia

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